Esmaely Lenzohm Electrical CO. W.L.L.

Who We Are



Esmaely Lenzohm Electrical Co. W.L.L is a member of Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), U.S.A and is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of business integrity and ability in the servicing of Electrical and Mechanical equipment. This has been possible because of Esmaely Lenzohm Electrical Co. W.L.L ability to adhere to rigid standards and guarantees of EASA.

EASA is an International Trade Organization representing more than 2500 companies that offer services and repair electrical Motors, Generators, Transformers, Controls and related Electro-Mechanical equipments.

EASA provides valuable inputs to the member like educational opportunities; propagate latest information, highest standard of ethical conduct, performance & workmanship, relationship with customers to serve the industry effectively.



Esmaely Lenzohm Electrical Co. W.L.L is also a member of Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT), U.K.

The membership of AEMT helped us to enhance the status of the repair and trade and foster and protect the interests of our customers. It enabled us because of the Services provided by AEMT such as discussion of technical and administrative problems, Technical advisory Services, Fostering of inter-trading between members, Consideration of Appropriate draft British Standard Specifications, Circulation of data sheets and other technical information prepared by Members, Compilation of a data bank of winding details, Preparation of Codes of Practice and related manuals, Guidance on Quality Assurance etc…

Membership of the AEMT represents an obligation, to Industry, Commerce and the Public to maintain the highest of business integrity, technical ability and service.

Since we are a member of AEMT we are strictly adhere AEMT Code of Business Practice.

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